Larix International cordially welcome you to attend “World summit on Pharmacology and Toxicology. The Pharmacology Conference 2019 will give a worldwide stage to exchange knowledge on the present and future difficulties and challenges in the field of pharmacology and toxicology. We are pleased to invite members to submit proposals for Pharmacology 2019, taking place from 28 to 29 October in Kuala Lumpur. Global Health Practitioners, Researchers, Scientist will present cutting-edge and various advance on pharmacology and toxicology techniques based upon widely accepted evidence and will introduce new and emerging research.

In the conference the discussions would be on : computational biology, bioinformatics and data analysis, and artificial intelligence, drug discovery and development – particularly chronic heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension, assay development, platform technologies and application of novel approaches in drug discovery, pharmacology of novel analgesics; non-opioid pain relief; cannabinoids,  mental health and neuropsychiatric disease genetics, clinical pharmacology, diabetes and novel targets in its management

As well as these we continue to encourage submissions from all areas of pharmacology, including education and training, to ensure that Pharmacology 2019 appeals to the broad spectrum of pharmacologists who attend our annual meeting.